The New Elite Clan, For The Elites!!!
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The New Elite Clan, For The Elites!!!

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 Kamino Storage Base

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Republic Commando
Republic Commando

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Kamino Storage  Base Empty
PostSubject: Kamino Storage Base   Kamino Storage  Base EmptySat Oct 20, 2012 3:04 pm

OK this droid Commando hear is not a fail at all!! All together this isa pretty fun map! And it's online compatible! They also have a new General Griveous with all new fighting styles and stuff. way better than the last one i think. Heres some pics. Videos will come later.

Kamino Storage  Base Battle10

Kamino Storage  Base Battle11

Kamino Storage  Base Battle12

Kamino Storage  Base Battle13

Kamino Storage  Base Battle14


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Kamino Storage Base
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